At RoofYoga we offer different types of yoga classes, all of them complementary. Feel free to diversify your practice whatever your level.


is a dynamic and stimulating practice with fluid sequences of postures rhythm by the breath. The class is structured to develop strength, flexibility and endurance. Prepare to experiment and have fun during your practice and come out strong, fresh and energized. Suitable for all levels.


is a practice based on static and longer postures with an emphasis on developing mindfulness practice in each asana (posture). Suitable for all levels.


This class covers the first half of the primary series and is commonly referred to as “semi-directed”. It begins with Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations), the standing sequence, half of the sitting postures until Navasana. Suitable for all levels.

ASHTANGA MYSORE STYLE  Classes in Mysore are the way Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught. Practitioners with different levels of experience each receive individual training within a group. Asanas are taught gradually, students practice at their own pace while benefiting from practical and technical advice from the teacher. The course lasts for two hours, but the length of your practice depends on how well you have progressed in the sequence. Mysore courses are particularly suitable for beginners, as the course includes one-on-one instruction and hands-on assistance. It is also a great method for safely guiding intermediate and advanced practitioners to progress in practice.


is the fusion of two opposing energies. The first half of the “Yang” class is devoted to more dynamic practice with an emphasis on strength and flexibility. The second half of the “Yin” class, an introspective and meditative energy, is designed to nourish the body. Suitable for all levels.


is a practice that works on the deep tissues of the body in a different way from any other yoga practice. As we gently stretch the connective tissues while holding a yin pose for a long time in stillness, we learn presence, patience and letting go. Each posture is an exploration of sensations, which allows to connect to your essence. A meditation where you gain flexibility in body and mind. Suitable for all levels.


The first part of the class is devoted to the practice of Yin Yoga in preparation for the second part of Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep”. The Nidra is practiced lying down, it brings the body into a state of consciousness, suspended between wakefulness and sleep. Practitioners remain in a state of slight sense withdrawal, just hearing to connect to the instructions. Yin Nidra promotes the release of tension, deep rest and self-awareness. Suitable for all levels.


This practice is inspired by the Iyengar method. Accessories (wall, ropes, bricks, straps, etc.) are used there to facilitate learning and give practitioners confidence. It is based on anatomy, focused on precision and safety of posture. The results of this practice are amazing. Your understanding of asana becomes more sophisticated. You will develop strength, flexibility and awareness.


The postures and the accessories are adapted to each personal situation to reduce and relieve various problems: muscular, metabolic, articular, as well as low back pain, hypertension and migraines.


This practice consists of breathing exercises that help cleanse the mind, regain control of the nervous system, and increase concentration. This practice greatly relieves stress and allows better control of the mind and the release of emotional blockages. Pranayama makes it easier to enter meditation.


Private sessions are the best way to learn if you are looking to refine your technique and alignment in a safe and supportive environment suited to your level and pace. A bespoke yoga experience designed to meet your unique needs.


A comprehensive and deep approach that combines all aspects of yoga